The Varda and Boaz Dotan Research Center in Hemato-Oncology

Dotan Center inauguration ceremony, May 2014. From left: Boaz and Varda Dotan, TAU President Prof. Joseph Klafter, and TAU Rector: Prof. Aron Shai
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The CBRC hemato-oncology research center was established in 2014. Its inauguration was made possible by a generous donation of Varda and Boaz Dotan. The center is a primary hub under the auspices of the CBRC, encouraging applicable research in the field of hemato-oncology.


This unique research center is devoted entirely to deeper understanding of hemato-oncological malignancies. These types of malignancies are responsible for more than 10% of cancer patients that are diagnosed each year. The studies supported by the center, conducted at the university and its affiliated clinical centers, allow for the implementation of high-level research, which aim to expand the understanding of the disease, and the future development of measures for prevention, diagnosis, and cure.


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