Tami Rubinek, PhD

Tami Rubinek, PhD
The research lab focuses on deciphering endocrine aspects of cancer development. This study is divided into three main projects:
Klotho: the hormone that links longevity, metabolism and cancer  -involvement of hormone Klotho in breast, pancreatic and ovarian cancers, by using mice models and in-vitro assays.
The estrogen receptor (ESR1) mutations in breast cancer - ESR1 confer resistance to hormonal therapies in >40% of patients with metastatic breast cancer. We aretrying to find the relationship between mutations and a more aggressive disease as well as finding new treatment strategies.
How do cancer cells choose were to metastasize? Role ofspecific mutations in mediating homing of cancer cells to specific organs. Specifically, we are focusing on the relationship between the mutations and metabolic pathways.




Contact info:
Tami Rubinek, PhD
Head - Oncology Division Research Lab
Parasol Center for Women's Cancer Research

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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