Prof. Uri Gophna

Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer (PC). PC is a leading cause of cancer-related death in developed countries, and since most patients have incurable disease at the time of diagnosis, developing a screening method for early detection is of high priority. 
Our lab at the George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, is looking at the composition of intestinal microbes in order to reveal specific bacteria that are more abundant in patients with pancreatic tumors. 
This is done by extracting bacterial DNA from fecal samples and performing sequence analysis followed by machine learning, methods in which computer programs "learn" to classify samples and later predict which sample comes from a healthy individual and which is from a pancreatic cancer patient. 
This work is a collaboration between academic researchers in our lab, Dr. Leah Reshef and Dr. Nirit Keren, and gastro-oncologists led by Dr. Elizabeth Half from the Rambam Medical Center.

Contact information:
Uri Gophna PhD
Faculty of Life Science TAU




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