Prof. Ron Shamir

The lab develops bioinformatic algorithms and uses them for the analysis of genomic data, with an emphasis on cancer. 
Prof. Shamir’s team develop analytical tools for specific cancer types and also methods for integrated analysis across many cancers. 
All tools are made freely available to the biomedical community. Recent projects are discovery of luminal A subtypes in breast cancer based on RNA-seq and methylation data (with Prof. 
Ella Evron, from Assaf Harofe, and Prof. Adit Ben Baruch, from TAU), development of a novel discovery tool for cancer expression and mutation data from a range of diseases (with Prof. Shai Izraeli, from Sheba and Prof. Carmit Levy, from TAU), and new algorithms for analysis of karyotype evolution (with Ben Raphael, from Princeton). 
Currently the lab is in the process of developing novel multi-omic cancer analysis algorithms and software.

Contact information:

Prof. Ron Shamir PhD
Faculty of Exact Sciences, School of Computer Sciences

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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