Prof. Pia Raanani

The group primary field of interest is finding new therapies or better therapies for the treatment of incurable hematological malignancies. Our projects focus on exploring the effect of new agents on different leukemia and lymphoma cell lines and patient samples. We study the molecular pathways involved in the initiation and maintenance of hematological tumorigenesis and try to understand the effect of the different agents on these molecular pathways. 
We apply cutting-edge technologies including, molecular protein and cellular biology, microarray and NGS analysis. 
Understanding normal hematological development and understanding the molecular effect of different chromosomal abnormalities (translocations, deletion, etc.) is essential for understanding the processes leading to the induction and maintenance of hematological malignancies and for designing targeted treatments for these malignancies.


Contact info:
Prof. Pia Raanani
Rabin Medical Center




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