Prof. Itai Benhar

Professor Benhar’s Research group currently focuses on four major topics: 
1) Isolation and characterization of recombinant human antibodies for immunotherapy of various diseases.
2) Evaluation of novel formats of bispecific antibodies and of antibody-toxin fusion proteins as potential anti-cancer agents. 
3) Evaluation of death switches that are activated by viral proteases (published in the field of Hepatitis C virus) for potential eradication of virus-infected cells. 
4) Application of filamentous phages as targeted drug-carrying nanomedicines for eradication of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.
Prof. Benhar serves as a consultant to several Israeli Biotech companies, including:
  • AIT (developing antibodies for clinical applications) 
  • CEACAM (developing anti-cancer antibodies)
  • GreenVision (developing advances imaging systems)
  • SeraSense Biotech (developing anti-cancer antibodies)
  • MedGenics (developing drug-producing skin grafts).


Contact info:
Prof. Itai Benhar, PhD (full bioagrphy)
George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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