Prof. Mabjeesh Nicola

Dr. Mabjeedh  lab focuses on studying the hypoxic response in cancer. Most of the human solid tumors exhibit hypoxia. The adaptation to hypoxia has a major role in the establishment of a primary tumors and their progression to metastatic and lethal phenotype. Thus, the long-term goal is to find new modalities involving the regulation of the hypoxic response for the development of novel cancer therapeutics in the future. 
The lab uses a wide range of molecular biology, cell biology, biochemical and molecular imaging techniques, tissue culture model systems; nude mice xenografts model systems, FACS analysis and patient-derived primary cultures and sera. The main research topics include: 
• Studying the mechanisms regulating non-hypoxic hypoxia inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α) stabilization and transcriptional activation in cancer. 
• Exploring new metabolic reprogramming mechanisms of cancer cells under glucose deprivation and hypoxic conditions. 
• Investigating the interaction between HIF-1α and Septin 9, a cytoskeletal GTPase binding protein. 
• Studying the expression of immune checkpoint proteins in bladder cancer. 
Active Grants: Cancer Biology Research Center (CBRC) “Idea Award” (IA)
Collaborations: Prof. Ciechanover, Prof. Shiloh, Dr. Pikarsky, Prof. Yarden, Prof. Ben-Neriah, Prof. Oren. 
Contact information:
Nicola J. Mabjeesh, MD, PhD
Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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