Media Coverage

Cells express surface markers that help them escape most targeted therapies, TAU researchers say (TAU AMERICAN FRIENDS, 12.3.2019ׁׁ)

Eosinophils -disease-fighting white blood cells,  known to cause allergies and asthma might help kill cancer cells (Haaretz, 23.01.2019)


Tel Aviv University researchers say cancer-fighting skills of eosinophils, the white blood cells that are responsible for allergies, could pave way to new drugs (THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 23.1.2019ׁׁ)


Dr.  Dinorah Friedmann-Morvinski a senior scientist at Tel Aviv University studies glioblastoma (brain tumors) using  mouse models that mimic the disease in humans (Ynet, 03.1.2019)


New TAU Translational Medicine Center aims to develop pharmaceuticals better, faster and for less money (The Jerusalem Post, 29.4.2018)

The translational medicine center is aimed at providing professional guidance for drugs developed by the university and hospitals (GLOBES, 30.1.2018)

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